What is Medication Management in Psychiatry?

If you are visiting a psychiatrist regularly, there may come a time where you are prescribed medications. When this happens, your psychiatrist may mention something called “medication management,” but many patients may not know what this is unless they ask the doctor to specify.

Have you heard this term in your psychiatric office and wondered what it meant? Medication management in psychiatry is a simple enough concept to wrap your mind around, and is a very necessary process for many patients.

Often, you will be able to work directly with your psychiatrist on this, or you may need to try psychiatric medication management denton tx professionals to help with the management of your medicine.

Medication Management 411

While it is a relatively common term, there are a large number of people out there who may hear “medication management” and have no clue what is being discussed. It is very simple for almost anyone to understand, though.

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Basically, medication management is usually a type of outpatient program where the patient is evaluated thoroughly to get a general assessment of their need for the psychotropic medicines they have been prescribed. It also assesses how much of the medicine the patient is supposed to take, and helps the prescribing doctor continue to evaluate how the patient is doing and responding to their medicine on an ongoing basis.

How does it help? Medication management processes can help in a few ways, actually:

·    It can help ensure a patient is compliant with their medicine and taking the prescribed amount.

·    It can help monitor for drug interactions that could adversely affect the patient.

·    It could possibly help the patient better understand their overall health and how their medications affect and help them.

As you can see, there are several highly useful applications for medication management procedures. If you have a medicine management appointment of your own coming up, you’ll be able to be confident that your psychiatrist is doing everything possible to ensure your medication does what it is supposed to do and helps you.

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