What Does POS Software Stand For?

pharmacy point of sale software

POS is the widely utilised acronym that stands for point of sale software. For those predominantly occupied within the retail and wholesale environment, this package holds numerous advantages for the stakeholders. The food and beverages point of sale software package is able to take daily account of a busy environment that, in many instances today, will run non-stop for 24 hours of any one day.

It also stands to good reason that the pharmacy point of sale software package’s advantages stretch beyond that of the retail pharmacist’s cash register. He too, of course, is required to take daily account of his receipts. He is also able to measure his own billing out to those important suppliers who endeavor to keep his computer-based inventory system, also software driven, up to date. His successful story now branches out to two important stakeholders in this software equation.

The medical practitioner, a general practitioner or a specialist health services provider, is able to dispense his prescription with immediate effect after completing his thorough diagnosis of his patient’s affairs. The onus now rests with the retail pharmacist to ensure that the prescribed medication is packaged timeously. There is little to no waiting period and the pharmacy’s sales clerk despatches the message accordingly.

That brings this note round to the third, and quite possibly, most important stakeholder in this equation. The patient. That could be you reading this right now. Let’s just say that you are virtually assured of receiving your medication on time or without delay. The pharmacy’s sales clerk despatches the confirmation message to your smart mobile, confirming that your medication is ready for collection.

But should you be bedridden at this time, confirmation of doorstop delivery will also be given. Be well.  

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