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Helpful Home Upgrades For Elderly People

Anyone who is concerned about their parents, grandparents, or some other elderly loved one in their life living on their own can always think about talking with them to have upgrades done to the home. There are many home upgrades that can be done to a senior citizen’s home to help keep them much safer and reduce the risk of falling down and hurting themselves when they are alone.

Here are a few common ideas you can talk over with your loved one:

1. Incorporate railings or grab bars.

Railings and grab bars can really come in handy for senior homeowners. They give the person something stable to lean on to help them walk steadily. They can be installed anywhere throughout the home, and should especially be installed on stairways and in bathrooms where the risk of slipping is higher.

2. Bring in a relaxing walk-in tub.

Bathing can be made much easier for senior citizens with a walk-in tub installation. They can also have a tub seat installed so that the homeowner can take a relaxing shower while safely sitting down and washing off.

3. Add lift seats that go up the stairs.

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If your elderly loved one’s home has a stairway that you worry they might slip and fall down while walking up, why not think about installing a lift seat? These are mounted on a wall railing and safely transport the rider up and down the stairs without the person having to take a single step.

A Safer Home For Seniors

If you would like to make some of these or other senior-friendly upgrades to your loved one’s home to make it safer for them when no one else is there, think about some of these ideas. These barely scratch the surface of what you could potentially do. To get started on the installation of some of these upgrades, pick up the phone and call up your favorite handyman jobs in westerville oh pros to set the wheels in motion.